HCE to commercialise remote diagnostics

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Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCE) will be able to inform its customers of excavator engine status via a real-time report app, which features failure detection and troubleshooting guidelines.

HCE announced yesterday (6 March) it is set to commercialise its remote diagnostics service for excavator engines in partnership with the US-based Cummins, a global engine manufacturer.

On 3 March, HCE announced that it had signed a partnership agreement for remote engine diagnostics service in the Cummins headquarters located in Indiana, US.

The service builds on HCE’s remote management system Hi-MATE and Cummins’ engine solutions to enable real-time diagnostics report of any failures in excavator engine parts and to offer troubleshooting guidelines.

The two companies entered into an MoU for joint technology development early in 2017. After roughly two years of seamless collaboration, they recently succeeded in developing the remote engine diagnostics technology.

Excavators are in general used in mines, forests and civil engineering sites, which are far away from the city. If clients can access information on device failure and troubleshooting solutions from a distance, they will be able to prepare necessary parts and equipment in advance, which effectively curbs waiting time. Also, they will benefit from HCE’s one-stop repair services.

HCE plans to produce diagnostics-ready excavators starting this month. The company will also showcase this ground-breaking technology at BAUMA 2019, the world-renowned trade fair for construction equipment to be held in Munich, Germany from 8 to 14 April 2019.

At BAUMA 2019, HCE will unveil the technology via augmented reality to make it easier for customers to understand how it works including how it identifies areas of failure and how it explains maintenance procedures.

Hi MATE is HCE’s proprietary remote management system developed in 2008: it provides real-time information on the location and operational status of equipment via PC or apps.

In addition, HCE is poised to build Smart Construction by 2020, following 5G commercialisation at the end of last year. Smart Construction is a next-generation construction platform which will be built by HCE in partnership with Korea’s largest telecommunication service provider SK Telecom and the US-based, globally recognised measurement company Trimble.