Doosan excavators for rental market

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Doosan Construction Equipment displayed two of its most popular excavator models for the rental industry at the Anaheim Convention Centre during the recent American Rental Association Show held in Anaheim, California, US.

The Doosan DX85R-3 and DX140LC-5 excavators were on site during the show, and Doosan staff walked visitors through the capabilities of the machines. As a member of the increasingly popular eight-tonne class of excavators, the DX85R-3 is the perfect rental machine for a contractor who needs a compact excavator but has a job that calls for a slightly heavier piece of equipment that can still be easily towed. The DX140LC-5 is a 14-tonne, conventional tail-swing excavator known for its trusted reliability — a chief concern for rental companies.

The DX85R-3 comes standard with rubber tracks to minimise ground disturbance. The DX140LC-5 will be outfitted with rubber pads on its steel tracks, which is an optional feature that enables operators to minimise damage when working on concrete or asphalt. They will also both be equipped with a hydraulic quick coupler, which allows operators to change the excavator attachments without leaving their seats.

Doosan DX85R-3

The Doosan DX85R-3 is light enough to be easily moved between worksites by most contractors, and its excellent slew performance makes it an ideal machine for working on slopes. Image credit: Doosan

DX85R-3 compact excavator

The Doosan DX85R-3 is a powerful machine that leads the industry in bucket force, but is also light enough to be easily moved between worksites by most contractors. Its reduced tail-swing design allows operators to work in tight spaces, and its excellent slew performance makes it an ideal machine for working on slopes.

The DX85R-3 offers best-in-class cycle times due to its cylinders, which are sized precisely to match pump capacities. It offers smooth, predictable operation with fingertip boom swing control via a simple thumb switch on the left joystick. The comfortable joystick controls reduce hand fatigue and includes two-way auxiliary hydraulic control.

Inside the cab, a multi-language deluxe colour panel displays fuel level, coolant temperature, day/time, throttle position, and engine rpm. Operators can select auxiliary hydraulic flow modes and rates from the panel. For increased security, an integrated password protection system may be used to help prevent theft.

DX140LC-5 crawler excavator

The Doosan DX140LC-5 excavator is designed for long life with an extra-sturdy frame and reinforced superstructure. The conventional tail-swing overhang on LC models gives the operator strength and leverage for general construction and traditional excavating applications. The DX140LC-5 comes standard with permanently sealed and lubricated track links, and the workgroup bushings and hard-wear disks are designed for reliability as well as extended service intervals to increase uptime.

A standard seven-inch liquid-crystal display (LCD) screen allows operators to continue monitoring the excavator parameters while viewing the rear-view or side-view camera images. Critical machine data appears next to the camera view. With the standard side camera, a split screen allows both camera displays to be viewed at once.

To help save valuable diesel fuel, auto shutdown is standard to help owners save fuel during non-working conditions. Operators can configure the idle time from three to 60 minutes. When enabled, the feature will shut down the excavator’s engine when the preset idle time is met.