Actop donates to special needs school    

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Actop Asphalt, a leading producer of innovative asphalt products, has donated both the asphalt and construction of a new parking area for Pretoria-based New Hope School, a non-profit organisation and one of the largest schools for special needs education.

New Hope School Staff & Actop Asphalt Team. Credit: Actop Asphalt

In a gesture that has helped improve a big and critical area of New Hope School, Actop Asphalt, part of the Actophambili Group, has donated 40 tonnes of its Fine Mix, a new asphalt product within its product portfolio, as well as taking care of the costs of paving the school’s parking area.

The paving of the school’s parking area, undertaken by Leadway Roads on behalf of Actop Asphalt, has made a big difference to the setup of the parking lot at the school. It was such a significant project for the school. Every time it rained, the parking area was a no-go area due to resultant muddy conditions. For teachers to go in and out of the school was just a nightmare.

“Whenever it rained, it was just a big mess. During dry seasons, the area also produced a lot of dust, which is not ideal given its proximity to the playground. Actop’s kind gesture is such a big relief on our tight budget and we are very thankful for such a big donation,” says Karen Meyer of New Hope School.

Francois Kemp, MD of Actop Asphalt, says the donation was motivated by the company’s understanding that business is not separate from society, but inextricably bound to the fortunes of it. “It was a significant project for the school because they really needed it and we are glad we could help,” says Kemp.

Kemp says Actop Asphalt, and the Actophambili Group at large, believes that it is very much in the interests of any company to be a good corporate citizen, and that should take sustainable development as its starting point, with a view to working towards sustainable development of communities.