Volvo’s versatile construction machines

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Was there ever a machine more adaptable, scalable or shape-shifting than the excavator? Here we look at the versatility behind a selection of Volvo Construction Equipment’s machines.

The Volvo EW240E

The Volvo EW240E material handler. Image credit: Volvo CE

1. The one with a small backside

The ECR18E is a 1.8t class machine that can squeeze into the tightest of spaces and thanks to its ultra-short tail design – the shortest radius in the Volvo range – it can work close to obstacles without colliding with them. Despite its short-tail design, the ECR18E remains highly stable all round – its variable undercarriage can retract to less than 1m wide to enter confined areas or expand to a more surefooted 1.35m.

2. The one with a ‘higher’ purpose

To provide the most versatile machine possible on demolition job sites, EC700CHR reaches a lofty 32m but it can also be fitted with both high-reach equipment and a standard boom-and-arm. The ability to switch from one type of boom-arm configuration to another with ease offers a higher return on investment. A hydraulic modular joint enables a fast and safe change from demolition to standard attachment, boosting machine utilisation when not required for high-reach projects.

3. The ‘wheely’ long-necked one

It’s not only its wheels that makes this excavator special. Designed for the waste and recycling industries, the new EW240E material handler weighs in at 26t and with its 6.5m straight boom and 5m gooseneck arm, the machine has an impressive forward reach of more than 11m.

Operators can work in comfort in the spacious cab, which can be raised up to 5m above the ground for an eye-level view. To enhance safety, the Volvo EW240E material handler is equipped with a limited arm that avoids collision between the cab and the grapple.

4. The one with a sharp brain

Levelling sites, digging trenches, grading slopes – or creating complex, multi-dimensional site profiles – have never been easier, thanks to Dig Assist, Volvo’s machine control system for excavators.

Powered by the award-winning Volvo Co-Pilot in-cab console and incorporating sensors and the latest location technology, Dig Assist delivers incredible excavation accuracy in a fraction of the time usually taken using conventional methods. Simple and intuitive, the operator can set up projects in just a few touches by selecting the required job parameters. The operator can then monitor progress of the job as it gets underway and on-screen alerts indicate when pre-set parameters are met.

5. The heavyweight one

With a knockout bucket breakout force of 478kN and an arm tear out force of 420kN, the 90t class EC950E offers superior digging force, particularly when working with hard and heavy materials. Constant high hydraulic pressure delivers power to the machine when needed. Built with protected components, including a heavy-duty boom and arm, a strong frame structure and a heavy-duty plate, the EC950E is no pushover and can be relied on for longevity and sustained uptime in demanding applications.

6. The quirky one

Need to convert your excavator into a rock drill – no problem! Or how about transforming your Volvo excavator into a prehistoric-looking amphibious dredger with super long tracks, boom and arm? Step right in, because Volvo has a long history of adapting excavators for a whole world of strange and wonderful specialised applications.